My short story, "Drama Rama Flip Flop," was chosen to be included in Malice Domestic's Murder Most Theatrical anthology, now available from Wildside Press! The story stars the inimitable Ivy Meadow, actress and part-time PI (and protagonist of 6 books, below), who must deal with the shenanigins of the criminally creative kids at Phoenix Drama Rama summer camp. A teaser:

Drama-Rama Flip Flop


I love kids.


Really, I do.


Even—especially—theatre kids. Omigod, their energy—I caught two of them literally swinging from a chandelier last week—but when that energy is channeled they amaze me with their creativity and touch me with their vulnerability and make me laugh hard enough that I snort Diet Coke out my nose. (BTW, do not try this at home. The bubbles sting.)


But try as I might, Henry…well, Henry was hard to love. In fact, at times I wanted to kill the kid. Sure, he was creative and imaginative, but his ideas tended toward the gross and scary, like rat zombies. He was a born leader, but one who would merrily walk his followers into the deep end of the pool (which he nearly did before I stopped him). He was smart and talented and charismatic, but in all the wrong ways, like a twelve-year-old Lex Luthor. Henry was going to grow up to be either a super criminal or a star.


If you'd like to keep reading, you can order  Murder Most Theatrical 

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Murder Most Theatrical Now Available!



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