October 12, 2019

Write Here, Right Now


Free workshop: How to Make Your Dialogue Sing (and Maybe Even Dance) - 2PM

Come take advantage of an entire day of free writing workshops (and come to my interactive workshop on dialogue)! This Toastmaster-sponsored event takes place at Providence St. Vincent Hospital  •  Room 20 & 21

9205 SW Barnes Rd.  •  Portland, Oregon  •  97225

To register:

For more information:

Contact Ken Coomes at 503-515-5747 or

The Phantom of Oz was chosen as one of Kings River Life Magazines “Best Books of 2018”!  

The reviewer who chose Phantom said: "Struggling actress Ivy Meadows comes to the aid of her friend Candace Moon, who is helping to produce a – unique – show of The Wizard: A Space OZpera. Ivy epitomizes a spunky heroine, but she covers the guilt for a childhood accident that harmed her adored brother. Musical theater provides ample amounts of absurd humor, but Candy’s image-consciousness and fall into an eating disorder showcases additional dangers in the acting world."  


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