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View From My Window

Isn't it nice when social media is used for the power of good?

View From My Window is a Facebook group that, yes, posts pictures of views from people's windows around the world. But it's so much more. There's a woman who posts pictures from her house in Tuscany, usually with a lovely dish of food in front of the open window and an old Italian recipe to go with it. I've seen a photo of mongooses and a warthog that wandered into a South African home. Photos of gorgeous landscapes and not-so-lovely places that are beautiful in the eyesof those who love them. Photos of dogs and bears and grandmas and a seagull that may be the spirit of a beloved pet. All of it makes me feel a great sense of connection to humans worldwide.

Thanks to Jeanie Whitmire Jackson for recommending the group to me. BTW, that's the view from my back window in Portland, Oregon, above. I haven't posted it in the Facebook group yet because I want to have time to savor group members' comments. (There are always a lot of comments and they are always kind.)

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